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Watch Overlord season 2 – Wiki, Review

Overlord Season 2 is a sequel to an anime which was created by Triumph Studios. After the hype created by Season 1, Season 2 returns with continuing the same storyline. This anime is based on power. The main character is trapped inside a game and now discovers about his surroundings. The season starting on a different note, but as it moved on, it became much better and easier to understand the story.

This article about Overlord Season 2 episode 1 is full of spoilers to continue at your own risk!  

overlord season 2 episode 1


Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or DMMORPG, is closing down its main servers and the player names as Momonga who is a part of a guild called Ainz OoalGown has declared that he will be signed in as long as he can. When he sees that now he cannot log out of the game, he realizes that he is now trapped in a different territory where the employee knows nothing. In this reality they can login to check their payouts on their company based employee portal – For AZPeople it’s and for Michael’s WorkSmart it’s, his character is the form in which he will stay. After a few NPCs are alive, they give him scarce information related to what is really happening around there. After some time, he starts to get used to living in that universe, but an idea comes to him to search for any other entity that might be trapped alongside him.

Overlord Season 2 episode 2 continues with the storyline which shows the struggles during the crusade of Momomga. While Season 1 focused on Momonga changing his identity to be named as Ainz OoalGown. This season focuses a lot on new characters and their dynamics. A special tribe of Lizardmen was introduced and give a lot of spotlight in this season, possibly because of their inclusion in the further seasons. The initial part of the season is just related to Lizardmen and their arc. Ainz is shown to be trying to take over their land and want them to make his allies so that they will take him as their lord. He demands loyalty from the Lizardmen arc. In the later part, Sebas is sent by his Lord to the capital so he can find more about the country and their history, about their people and rulers. He comes across the name of an organization called Eight Fingers which has a huge influence and hold over the people. This organization controls people easily. It is shown that the country of Nazarick is against them and wants to destroy this group and its supporters. Demiurge wants to send half of his army to attack the city and help Blue Roses, a group which is loyal to the kingdom so they can be defeated.

Overall the plot and story development are really slow and move on gradually but the ending is quite satisfactory and does not leave you hanging. The storyline here shows a lot of characters guarding the Nazarick and forces which are working against it. Yes, they are not shown deep enough, but this point of the season is quite interesting to see as you get to view some different characters than the rest.  

The Characters included in Overlord Season 2

After season 1, this sequel introduced a lot of new characters. We will be sharing the important characters in Overlord Season 2 which were highlighted in the series:

  1. Momonga although being the main character, had the least amount of appearance. If he is the main role, he should have been focused upon more. We hope to see a lot of his adventures in the future seasons.
  2. Sebas Tian; He is one of the very few people who actually likes humans. His nature is to protect and help the oppressed, which is how he met Tsuareninya. At first, his sincerity to Lord Momonga is doubted, but after he proves it, he shines through and his loyalty is proven.
  3. Tsuareninya Beiron; One of the female characters in this season. Sebas helped her rescue from a brothel after she was harassed. Since that event, her heart had a soft corner for Sebas. She serves as a maid to Momonga, with help from Sebas. Her nature is soft and warm and she hates people because of how they mistreated her in her past.
  4. Princess Renner Theiere Cherdelon Ryle Vaiself and Climb spent their childhood together, that is why she has a major liking for him. Her personality is different and her features are shown beautifully. Her character will show more importance in the third season for sure. She has a mysterious side to her which makes the audience attracted to her and want to know more about her.
  5. Climb; He is the protector of Princess Renner. He is a swordsman and has vowed to protect the Princess at any cost. He cannot improve his skill any further as a swordsman and has reached a point.  
  6. Brain Unglaus; He was first shown to be a proud swordsman but as soon as he had an encounter with Shalltear and faced death one on one, he started to become really depressed and even thinks about committing suicide at one point. After he comes across with Sebas Tian and Climb, he starts coming back to life and that becomes a huge turning point for him in this series. His scenes are really enjoyable and viewers at one point might find themselves cheering on for him. He is one of the most likable characters that were not given fair screen time.
  7. Zaryusu Shasha who is the younger brother of Shasryu Shasha is one of the most powerful lizardmen. He will be wielding the strongest frost weapon ever. His strength ends up him impressing Cocytus. He leaves his home in a small village to travel outside and see the world.   
  8. Shasryu Shasha leads the tribe of Lizardmen called Green Claw. Zaryusu Shasha is his younger brother. Even though his brother becomes foreign in his home he still cares for him and knows that he is wise enough to make the right decisions.  
  9. Crusch Lulu heads another Lizardman tribe called Red Eye. She is an albino and ended up falling in love with the younger brother, Zaryusu. Her character is quite limited until here. Overall just like the other tribesman, she is also not given a lot of detail about.  

Animation & Sounds of Overlord season 2  

Nowadays, Modern day Animes have very professional and modern-day art and animation shows. Overall animation and designs of character have improved a lot since the first season of Overlord. The art of Overlord Season 2 is not extremely bad as it fits really well according to the world they have shown. The Lizardmen could have been shown better and were different than the ones shown previously But, in a few scenes, here and there, the quality drops down really low. The animation is a lot better than that and was down by a company called Madhouse. The action scenes have a good animation to them but seem a little out of place. Sounds is fine enough but could have been improved a lot. Ending song HYDRA by Myth and roid is just perfect and has a nice melody to it but starting themes needs to be improved a lot.  

Review of Overlord Season 2

If I have to say it in one sentence – I was extremely disappointed in Overlord Season 2. I mean, the main character was not given enough credit. The Lizardmen were given so much screen time it seemed unfair to the rest of the characters. They are interesting, but really not so much. We saw a different side of Sebas and the story around Nazarick which was interesting. We saw a history of different characters which was good enough.

The different things about Overlord Season 2 are that in every scene there are good and bad guys both, this makes it stand out from the rest of the anime series. Side characters do not just struggle and are given a lot of screen time and importance and have an ability which makes them stand out from the enemies they encounter. This season wasn’t that bad except we could see a lot more here and there. Last few episodes should have been shown in more details but instead, it felt like they rushed to the ending. A lot of new characters were added which had some different storylines and aims. After the season 2, Overlord has confirmed a Season 3 to be aired in July 2018.  I hope we will get to see more action and details about Momonga and cannot wait to see more adventures. I was excited to see a storyline about the guards of Nazarick and Pleidas.

In Overlord Season 2 the storyline had a few weird turns. Especially where they stretched the Lizardmen scene too long. The lizardmen tribes come together to fight off the skeleton army of Momonga. This one scene was stretched so many episodes. Maybe they took this time to properly introduce the audience to the Lizardmen since they must have a huge part in the future seasons. But this scene had no special appeal or purpose – it looked out of place to me. As an audience, I really felt like I wasted so much time watching such a scene which has no purpose. I wished they could focus on the main character, Momonga since I really wanted to hear his story!  

Now one another interesting character that I liked was Brain unglaus. I liked his character and his performance. In the first season, after his encounter with Shalltear he was so much spooked that it led him to deep depression and even being suicidal. You can really feel the pain there and wanted to support him. In the Overlord Season 2, where he successfully escapes death, it is shown he is supported well by Climb and Brain. Throughout this season, he is shown to be in a sad state and wanting to die. After the last episode, we were satisfied to see the action scene and wanted to see more. If you compare this with the useless arc scene, you complain why this character was not shown just as much.  

I would like to believe that according to the screen time given to particular characters in Overlord Season 2, they were just preparing us for the rest. There were not enough bad-ass and action scenes which were must be needed at times. Humour was nice enough to make you chuckle, and characters were decent enough with the design and animation being great too. Art could be improved much better. The ending song as mentioned is something stuck on my brain that I had to download it. Means it was just a build up for future scenarios. Well, I couldn’t care less for the Lizardmen so much so I do not even remember the names correctly. I hope next season they can focus more on Momonga’s struggles and adventures. I also hope they do not rush the action scenes as much and show them in details. I have my hopes up!  

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