Joe Biden’s Secret Oval Office TV


We might never again have a president like Donald Trump, a reality TV star who spent hours in the Oval Office watching TV and reacting in real time to coverage of himself. But while he can’t match his predecessor’s compulsive appetites, that doesn’t mean Joe Biden isn’t obsessed with the media in his own way. He’s not just an avid media consumer (yes, there’s a TV hidden in the Oval Office), he’s also very attuned to how the media portrays him and is likely to get miffed over critical coverage and the media’s myopic focus on breaking news over the big picture. He’ll call up his favorite writers and columnists and he pays close attention to the number of people defending him on TV.

On this weekend that celebrates the long history of chronicling the most important office in America, we thought we’d find out how the current occupant of the White House consumes the work of those who regard him so relentlessly. Here are seven things to know about the president’s media diet: