Podesta: Cut energy permitting talks from debt ceiling fight


The White House wants the proposals to overhaul federal infrastructure permitting rules jettisoned from the high-stakes negotiations with Republicans to raise the debt limit and avoid a potentially catastrophic blow to the global economy, White House senior adviser John Podesta said Wednesday.

Podesta reiterated President Joe Biden’s call for a clean debt ceiling bill from Congress, pushing back against Republican efforts to tie those negotiations to Republican energy priorities and permitting reforms included in their energy legislation, H.R. 1., since the two parties remain far apart on what type of energy infrastructure — fossil fuels or electricity — permitting updates should focus on.

“We think everything needs to be delinked from the debt ceiling fight,” said Podesta, who unveiled the White House’s permitting priorities at the Bipartisan Policy Center. “If you want to talk about the budget, we should talk about the budget. If you want to talk about permitting, we should talk about permitting.”