Friday, September 25, 2020

Top 8 Sega Genesis Games That Nintendo Does Not Have

Sega Genesis Games

We all know the Sega console. Usually, we associate it with a super famous Sonic the Hedgehog. However, it is not the only title that deserves our attention. So if you’re looking for Sonic games you are not in the right place. These are a lot of other excellent Sega games which we would like to mention in this article. Note that you do not need to have the physical console. Nowadays, people just download sega roms and a powerful emulator to gave great gaming experience directly on PCs.

Mutant League Hockey/Football

These two games are one of the best Genesis exclusives from Electronic arts. You will be impressed with fantastic video graphics and awesome gameplay. You can lose or forfeit the game in case you run out of players. The result of the game does not depend only on points. This specialty adds extra stress and fun at the same time. Choose this Sega game if you are a big fan of the sport.

Moon Walker

This Sega game is a bit weird, completely different, and absolutely fun to play through. You are going to move around in the world of Castlevania type. You will act like Michael Jackson who is busy taking people out with blasts of glitter. The main character demonstrates smooth dancing moves while looking for the little girls who are missing or hiding in dumpsters and car trunks. The sound is decent. All the used songs sound even better than what you could expect. The animation is tight and is more or less the same quality as Aladdin or FlashBack. Sometimes Michael gets a chance to catch a shooting star and turn into a destructive robot.

Gunstar Heroes

The game is one of the brightest gems of Sega Genesis. The game is so fun to play. You have a chance to shoot everything, to combine a lot of combos, and experiment with various weapons. Every time you play this game, you get a lot of fresh emotions. The game featured unbelievable effects with zooming/rotation. You can miss the Gunstar Heroes if you enjoy fighting and putting yourself in risky situations.


The Gaiares game impressed all the players with killer graphics, sound, and video effects. The main soundtrack of the game is breathtaking and very famous. You will experience very tight gameplay that never let up. You will have to deal with a lot of enemies and do your best to transform them into powers. You have to get the most powerful weapon to win the game. You can play the Gaiares game with the original console or a powerful emulation.

Road Rash 2

Many experienced gamers prefer to play the second edition of the Road Rash game because it features two players simultaneously. You can also try the third edition of Road Rash but to us, it seems a bit choppy even though the graphics look a little bit more realistic. Road Rash is a fun, brutal, and addictive game. Get ready to win challenging races to build up your stats. You can purchase a new bike to handle even more complicated races ahead.

General Chaos

You will like General Chaos is you find war strategies interesting. The game is easy to pick up and very addictive to the point that you will not be able to put the controller down. All the main characters are vibrant and very colorful. You will enjoy hilarious animations. We recommend you to play General Chaos with your best buddy on the comfortable couch.

Toejam and Early

This game is fun to play with two players. You will have to survive earthlings on 25 levels in order to find all the missing pieces to the spaceship. You can come back home as soon as you find them all. For that time, animations, sounds, and the entire gameplay are the most memorable of the era. You will have to discover a lot of tiny hidden things during the game. 

Streets of Rage 2

The last game we want to mention in our list is Streets of Rage 2. The game features a lot of moves, playable characters, multi-scrolling backgrounds, screen enemies, and a killer soundtrack. 


Hopefully, you will pick up some legendary games, invite your best friends and enjoy your weekend together playing retro games directly from your computer.

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