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It is Time for Music – Seven Perfect Alternatives to iTunes for All Users

It is Time for Music - Seven Perfect Alternatives to iTunes for All Users

Why do we love our iPhone? All the most relevant and exciting is in your pocket. However, to manage all this media economy, you will also need Apple’s unique media combine – iTunes.

Seven Alternative Applications That Can Easily Replace iTunes

Seven Alternative Applications That Can Easily Replace iTunes

Undoubtedly, iTunes is useful in many ways, with the possible exception of a friendly newbie interface. Many do not have the strength (or desire?) To master such a sophisticated product. And then, other “players” come into play to help manage your media library on your iOS device.


This utility works on all operating networks: Windows, Mac. Including this is a suitable replacement for iTunes for iPhone. The application is free. It will allow you to collect all the music in one piece from all sources.

By connecting to your Google or Twitter accounts, you can watch your friends’ music collections. Back at Tomahawk, you can read various news from the world of music.


Probably the most popular client for Mac and Windows. It knows how to import and export music, films, books, installs applications, or performs operations with files as is customary in older systems – by dragging and dropping content into the utility window.

As a bonus, the latest version of iFunBox learned to install and update applications, as well as automatically download those that were included in the wish list and began to be distributed free of charge.

Many people list various software and games in AppZapp, but unfortunately, they are not able to download them at the time of discounts. iFunBox merely is irreplaceable in this regard, and many users choose as the best iTunes alternative by far. Unfortunately, all this is relevant only for the Windows version.


Another top-rated utility for Windows, Mac, and even iOS (for the latter you need jailbreak) directly from Hong Kong. Able less than the previous representative, but those who download music and video to their iOS-device should be more than enough.

It is not burdened with additional functionality and does not have a cumbersome interface.

Like iFunBox, it can use your iPhone as a removable media, which is very necessary for people who have recently switched from Android smartphones.


It is a sufficiently functional file and multimedia data manager on your iOS devices. One of the most important advantages compared to competitors (if you can call them that) is the synchronization of data via WiFi.

In order to “upload” music or video to the device, it is not necessary to connect it directly to the computer, and it is enough that both devices are on the same network. And then it all depends on your router.


An actual mastodon from all alternatives to standard iTunes. It includes a lot of modules that are combined with a typical application header. Unfortunately, unlike the others, it only works on computers running Windows. If you want to explore more alternatives and enjoy your favorite music, then it is time to visit RocketFiles.

For unknown reasons, the developers abandoned the version support for OS X (with a different name – xPort), now you can only find it on their museum page dedicated to non-updated software.


No, this application is in no way connected with Internet Explorer. At its core, it performs all the same actions as the previous representatives: it can export text messages (SMS, iMessage), and also allows you to work with the iOS device as a regular folder: in Finder (or Windows Explorer) your device will look like a removable media, clicking on which will open the folders available on it.


Ecoute is an excellent alternative to iTunes for Mac, according to users. The application interface is straightforward, and there is nothing superfluous and distracting in it. Ecoute can connect to your social networks and Apple Library, sorting information by various parameters. A version for Windows has also been developed, so this program is a universal replacement for iTunes.

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