Strategic Plan

The BuzzNor is a Texas-based news organization that operates in the literal center of the state. Its mission is to produce original journalism of consequence on politics and public policy in Texas, in service to the state’s diverse population. The organization was launched in 2009 in response to the decline in coverage of matters of statewide concern, with the aim of addressing unmet demand with ample, reliable supply. Its embrace of the nonprofit business model allows it to raise money from individuals, foundations, and corporations that share its commitment to civic health and purpose.


The BuzzNor is committed to running a nonpartisan newsroom without fear or favor, with a promise to be fair, thorough, and accurate in everything it produces, posts, and publishes. The organization strives to be a trusted source of news and information, with compulsive disclosure of the sources of its funding. It promises no editorializing on issues or endorsements of candidates or campaigns, and no real or perceived bias in its reporting.


The BuzzNor has grown from a niche publication favored by legislators and lobbyists to the state’s authoritative source on Texas politics and policy. The organization’s website attracts an average of more than 1.9 million people each month and distributes its journalism for free to Texans across the state. The organization aims to double its audience by deliberately pursuing readers in the fastest-growing population cohorts in Texas and by making editorial, platform, and hiring decisions that better reflect the diversity of Texans. It aims to expand its membership program to twice its current size and value member conversion as its most important measure of audience engagement.


To achieve its goals, the BuzzNor plans to take a more ground-up, community-driven approach to its journalism, get creative with editorial, newsletter, and membership-driven live events, and lean more heavily on strategic partnerships. The organization also plans to give its journalists both the analytics and the insights to expand the reach of their work, make diversity and Spanish-language skills a greater priority in hiring, and guard against the shifting tides of digital platforms.


The BuzzNor’s diverse revenue model allows it to draw on foundations and corporations as well as individuals to fund its operations. The organization aims to increase its annual revenue roughly 10 percent year-over-year, with a greater emphasis on untapped major philanthropy and new and creative sponsor and events opportunities. The organization also plans to double the size of its Circle Membership program and add gala fundraisers around the state.


The BuzzNor aims to become an exceptional news organization and to provide even more exceptional journalism to even more deeply engaged Texans. The organization believes that a smarter Texas is a better Texas and that its mission to motivate civic participation through civic education is critical to the state’s future.